Greek life used to make me shriek. As a result of growing up in a southern college town, the words fraternities and sororities became synonymous to me with partying, money, and stupidity. Even though I viewed Greek life in a negative way, I still made the decision to go through recruitment this year. When people asked, I would tell them that sorority sisters form tight bonds and I was interested in that. But, I suspect I also saw it as some form of rebellion against my parents, who were not fans of the whole Greek Life culture. Whatever the reason was, the week of orientation, I entered my information onto the sorority recruitment page and was ready to go. There was only one problem: on Saturday, Sept. As I finished the email, I came to the realization that my sorority experience was already over since I had just missed the beginning.


Once a month, we have open chapter. This is awesome time for us to all just enjoying being sisters! Whether we have an all chapter activity or split off into smaller groups for Dolphin Dates, it is always a nice break to have the only business before the chapter be time spent together! Delta’s Only Events are opportunities for sisters to spend time together We go to Creighton basketball and baseball games, pile into a room on campus for a Girl’s Night In, go out for pizza, go to the Apple Orchard, go ice skating, go bowling, the list goes on and on!

Each year, a new member is paired with an older member of the sorority usually a sophomore to help guide them through their time as a Tri Delta.

Chris and I sent a pen palling kit to his little sister this week. She is 9 and she wrote him during the school year for class. Her letters were great and it gave him a.

Our recruitment weeks are held at the beginning of both Fall and Spring semesters. In order to be eligible to become a membership candidate, you must:. Be an enrolled FSU student. Be currently enrolled in a large instrumental ensemble. We look forward to seeing you around! Dress is casual. Our sisters and brothers will be serving the bands through several projects at the College of Music, and we would love for you to join us!

Spend some one-on-one time with sisters playing board games! Join our sisters and brothers for a night of music, food, and fun! Dress is formal or Sunday best. Learn about our sisters as individuals as we present our candidate classes and play games. Follow our social media pages to stay up to date on the upcoming recruitment events.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Email address:. Sorority recruitment speed dating questions. Thank you. Any of going through the period in my sorority recruitment guide.

Thank you @sacakdphi for having us at your Sisterhood Speed Dating rush event! We had a great time meeting everyone☺️ Good luck with the rest of rush,​.

This is a preview of your page content. To close this preview and resume editing, click here. To save your changes, click here. Even though we keep a busy schedule, there is always room for having tons of fun together! Every year, we look forward to Semi-Formal and Formal. These dances consist of bringing guests, hitting the dance floor, and creating long-lasting memories as a sisterhood.

We also have a crush party each semester. These events usually consist of dancing and socializing together. It is important to plan mixers because it creates a stronger connection within our Greek Life community. It also brings the women of ZTA closer to the fraternities and sororities on campus. Some past mixers we have had include: going out to dinner, having movie nights, making St.

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No matter the medium, all declare the same message: Greek Life Recruitment season has arrived. In my experience as a sorority member at Pepperdine, Recruitment can be translated differently depending on who you are. For chapter members, it means nightly discussions beyond 4 or 5 a. For potential members, it means a time of stress, intrigue, drama, thrills.

2. a community or society of sisters; especially, a society of women in a the sisterhood portion where we engaged in a “speed dating” type of.

I wanted to to create friendships that would last a lifetime. Whether its a good luck text on the day of an exam or if i need someone to talk to there are sisters always willing to help. Through that pharmacy, I hope to help immigrant families, where they can see my establishment as a place of reassurance and guidance. I want to help ease their transition into our country and give them a sense of safety, knowing how healthcare works here.

Many immigrant children are forced to mature at a young age to help translate for the family and I want to be a mentor to them. I believe that immigrants are the backbone of our country and that children are our future, so I want nothing more than to invest in them. The best part of being in LKS: Knowing you can always depend on your sisters for guidance and support for anything. I wanted to be more involved on campus and to build great friendships.

I also like reading books that make me think! Get married and have a stable job that I like.

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Last weekend, in an attempt to see if the sorority life was for me, I decided to attend formal fall recruitment. Admittedly, I was skeptical about sororities. I had just graduated from an all-girls high school, which I loved, but I was ready for a different experience.

In order to maintain a healthy Panhellenic sorority community, the College the structure is that it is like speed dating sorority women, seriously though.

As an outsider, to me Rush Week sounds like a mild version of the Hunger Games, an extended parade of exaggerated female theater wherein queen sorority sister is a nightmare mom, brushing out my hair aggressively and rubbing shimmer on my legs as I walk out the door. And although owning a product that effectively “airbrushes” my legs sounds exhausting, I can understand the appeal of belonging to a sorority. A built-in social network, people to go to the dining hall with, a group of girls who remind you daily about how pretty you are.

It sounds nice. But recently, Jezebel posted a series of leaked documents ; that reveal the complex requirements of a sorority sister during and prior to Rush. The Internet also provides quasi-survival guides and tips on how to win a bid. Buried beneath all the survival guides and YouTube videos, though, lies a constitution of sorts: The Sorority Handbook by Ida Shaw Martin, published in Martin, the Grand President of Tri Delta from , labors over the history of sororities from their earliest existence.

As it happens, when opportunities for women to study arose in the mids, it was natural that college girls would want to become members of the secret organizations in which men had been taking part since the early s. Today, this is how joining the sisterhood works though it may vary slightly depending on school : On the first day of Rush, girls visit a series of sorority houses and enter a process of speed dating, speaking with a few girls from each house for five minutes.

After those five minutes are up, the sorority sister ranks the new girl on a scale of one to five, and those rankings are later tallied up to determine who will be eliminated. How do you judge a girl in five minutes?

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sororities, and several rounds of speed-dating-like conversations. Does being part of sorority allow me to network with women across the.

Are you compatible? Do you remember there was a trend about 10 years ago called speed dating? Yeah, that, just mommy-style. We as Army wives have to do most things efficiently. Nope, three days. Move in, unpack the toys and TV, unpack the kitchen, and out the door!

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GiftsKappa Alpha ThetaDelta ZetaSorority Recruitment. 50 Fun Big/Little Matchability Questions! Many chapters have big/little speed dating sessions and​.

Sorority recruitment is like no other student experience in college, or, for that matter, in life. This semester, instead of going through recruitment as a potential new member, I was on the other side. Throughout the past year, my sisters and I have attended countless workshops and presentations in order to prepare ourselves for this annual event.

This past weekend, through over twenty-five hours of conversations with more than thirty people, I was given a chance to interact with girls whom under any other circumstance I would not have had the chance to meet. In one conversation, I discovered a classmate—that the person to whom I was speaking was also one of the students in my political science class. On one Sunday, I gained almost seventy new sorority sisters, whom I am extremely excited to get to know.

Whether through leadership, academic excellence, service, and friendship, being part of a sorority at Loyola offers a unique opportunity to succeed through personal growth. Membership in social fraternities as well as business and service fraternities can be one of the most significant components to the overall college experience, challenging students to be the best they can by taking advantage of the opportunities presented. Talk it out. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.

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